Mobility Care Partnership

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The root of our partnership programs...

"The home is required to have a program in place that provides regular preventative and remedial maintenance for all equipment owned by the home, including wheelchairs and other mobility devices. The home is obligated to ensure that every resident's environment is maintained to minimize safety and security risks and to take action in protecting residents from identified potentially hazardous substances, conditions, and equipment.

Because of this responsibility for resident safety, the home must regularly monitor personal equipment owned by the residents. If a resident's personally owned wheelchair poses a safety risk, the home is responsible to remove that wheelchair from operation as part of preventative maintenance, until that wheelchair is fixed. Maintenance costs for personal equipment are the responsibility of the resident. In the meantime, the home may make a wheelchair available for the resident's temporary replacement use." 

Mobility Care has designed programs specifically to assist facilities in the Ottawa and Kingston areas in adhering to the above requirements for preventative maintenance and regular monitoring of personal equipment. We will catalog all the equipment in your facility, provide recommendations for each individual piece, and continue to check each piece of equipment annually.

This program can be provided free of charge to the facility. Contact us for further information.