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    The ErgoBack has a dynamic patented design that transforms ordinary chairs into ergonomically sound seating in seconds! It improves the comfort of sitting while providing postural support.

    ErgoBack Description

    The problem with ordinary backrests is that they are all “static”. When you twist and turn in your chair the backrest does not move with you, so it no longer provides any correct positioning. The ErgoBack is different. Its patented design allows it follow and support you while you twist, turn and lean. This helps you remain in the correct ergonomic position.

    The ErgoBack is designed to be positioned on the back of an office chair, car seat or even a home chair.  It has a dynamic pivot system that allows the two panels to move with the natural curvature of your back, as you move. 

    The contoured panels embrace your back and maintain proper ergonomic positioning throughout the day. No direct pressure is applied to the spine due to the specifically designed contoured panels. The ErgoBack optimizes airflow to keep you cool with the breathable mesh cover.


    • Contoured panels embrace you to help maintain your ergonomic positioning
    • Patented spring and pivot system constantly adjusts & moves with you

    • Designed for optimum airflow to keep you cool

    • Center channel so that no pressure is applied directly to your spine

    • Contoured panels have adjustable height to optimize fit

    • Removable mesh covers can be washed

    • Securing strap to assure it stays in place on the chair

    • Use at the office, at home or in the car

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