Hammer Toe Splint/Toe Crutch Set

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    • Hammer Toes, Foot Corns & Calluses: Puikos team is led by orthopedic surgeons and post-doctors in Sports Medicine & Health Science. Our hammer toe pads can effectively correct hammer toe deformity, reduce pain from hammer toes, foot corns & calluses. 
    • Single loop hammer toe crutch has a thicker pad, a refinement made to provide professional and custom pain relief and correction for those with thicker toes and severe hammer toes. Triple loop hammer toe separators work particularly for those with thinner toes and mild hammer toes.
    •  Hammer toe corrector created from medical-level TPE gel, soft & easy to stretch and adjust. Comfortable wear ensured. Reusable & hand washable.
    •  A pair of single loop toe straighteners for hammer toes, and a pair of three-loop toe crest pads. We also include a clear box for storage and carry. Please note the left toe straighteners and crest pads for the left foot cannot be worn on the right foot and vice versa.


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