CB2 Hemp Seed Oil Vegan Softgels (70 capsules)

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    CB2™ Hemp Seed Oil Vegan Softgels

    This is the world's first "CB2 agonist" in a carrageenan-free vegan softgel

    A softgel version of our top-selling CB2 Hemp Seed Oil is something many have asked for since we first launched it years ago. But we knew we didn't want to use gelatin softgels, and vegan softgels were all made with carrageenan (an extract from seaweed), which is not something acceptable to us as a health company.

    Why? Carrageenan--sometimes listed as "seaweed extract" on labels--is a compound that causes inflammation.

    In fact, in animal studies, researchers will often use carrageenan to induce inflammation (before administering and studying an anti-inflammatory compound). Why would anyone want this wreaking havoc through your intestinal tract, just avoid animal gelatin?

    Well, we've gotten around this and finally (thanks for your patience) bringing you a softgel version of our award-winning CB2 Hemp Seed Oil.


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