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  • Easy to install and remove

  • This model is the most secure and comfortable in its category, the Full Hammock sling is recommended for people who need positioning on a wheelchair, incontinent clients or when it is difficult to install a regular sling

  • This model is designed to remain underneath the client for quicker transfers but also added support, with no seams to better prevent skin breakdown or bed sore related injuries

  • Integrated side pockets to fold in the support straps to prevent damage to the sling while in a wheelchair or during washing

  • The front cross-over loops helps to hold the person in the sling offering less sheering and prevents sliding during transfers

  • The Hammock sling can also be used in a shower/bath setting as our polyester material is manufactured with added strength & density

  • No rigid parts are used and gives good support without the risk of injuries to the client and carer

  • Embroidered identification tags to prevent fading with serial number

  • Unique 4 way stretch polyester mesh material only offered by Physio-Trace Inc. with more durability and built-in preventative measures


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