Freedom Alert Kit

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  • The world's first programmable two-way voice pendant communicator with no monthly fees
  • Provides personal security and helps you enjoy independent living, yet family is just seconds away. 

    - Program up to 4 numbers of friends and family.  System dials the first number.  If it reaches someone to take the call, it allows 2-way conversation.  If no one is reached it dials the next number etc.- Slide switch on base unit allows you to select 3 modes: 
  •      1) Call up to 4 custom contacts  
  •      2) Call up to 4 custom contacts then 911 if no one is available
  •      3) Or just call the 911 emergency operator
  •           It's your choice.
  • - Water resistant pendant
  • - Answer an incoming call with the pendant.  No more struggling to get to the phone.
  • - System test and battery test functions.
  • - Supervised voice prompts.
  • - Extra telephone jack in base for regular phone if extra jack needed.
  • - Up to 4 Pendants can be programmed to operate one base station.
  • - VoIP compatible & works on regular home phone lines (landlines).

  • Contents:
  • - Base Station with rechargeable batteries
  • - Pendant with two rechargeable batteries (one charges in base while other is being used)
  • - A/C Adaptor
  • - Lanyard, Belt Clip & Wrist Strap
  • - Telephone Cord

  • Coverage:
  • The system is designed to cover your average size American home and into the front, side and back yards.  Range is easily tested with audible confirmations.

  • Approved in all 50 states and Canada
  • FCC & DOC Canada certified.  

  • Personal security has never been so small and affordable.