10ml Oral Syringe - Luer Slip Tip, No Needle

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  • Syringes come individually wrapped and sterile.

    Terumo Catheter Tip Syringes are essential for Catheter & Gastronomy Devices for Flushing, Cleaning & Filling. 

    * Latex free Safety & Accuracy 
    * Highly Translucent Polypropylene for Ease of Reading Measured Volumes 
    * Specially Formulated Gasket Elastomer ensures smooth & accurate motion the entire length of Barrel 
    * Safety Plunger Stopper ensures no spillage 
    * Safety Configuration and Thumb Grip ensures secure grip with no rolling of Syringe on uneven surface 
    * Inert Materials ensure compatability with all drugs 
    * Sterile using Electron Beam 
    * Individually wrapped 
    * Exceptional Clarity