My ID Bracelet

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Unlike engraved medical ID bracelets, myID connects to information that you can update at any time, letting you change the list of medications you're taking or known allergies and medical conditions. It also has additional room for more information, like your doctor's name and contact info and multiple emergency contacts.
When you buy the myID Emergency Identification Bracelet, you set up an account online, where you can enter your name, birthday, phone number, and other relevant information. Only someone with the QR code or toll-free number and your ID number and PIN can get this information. The ID number and PIN are printed on the reverse side of the bracelet.

Fully adjustable for the perfect fit.

Contains Ion Health Technology

Optimized for first responders

Easy health profile setup - online or by phone

Includes 1 wallet card, stickers for car and home, and a 1-year online health profile subscription.